Welcome to Squarelife

Squarelife is a company founded in 2013 by the acquisition of FinterLife, the Finter Bank Zurich insurance.

The strategy dictated by the new owners was to take over and administer portfolios in run-off and offer the license and administration system for insurance products to third parties.
As of late 2015, Squarelife resumed issuing new policies with its own product.

From 2016 Squarelife became insurance partner of Beautyprotect.

Squarelife develops insurance solutions for its European partners that stand out for innovation, flexibility and convenience.
Squarelife carefully manages its social responsibility and respect towards its customers, and aims to achieve high quality standards for its products and processes. This also applies to the choice of its trade partners. As a direct result, Squarelife relinquishes any form of pre-financing of commissions.
The main objective of Squarelife is to affirm its position as creative and transparent insurance.

To do this, Squarelife follows the path of both organic growth and growth through acquisitions. The business model is geared to the future and the long-term sustainability.

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Squarelife's team

We believe that good decisions are the result of two major factors: the ability to analyze the needs, and the experience of the people in the team.
The management team of Squarelife has an excellent education in their field of expertise and years of professional experience in management positions. A team of experts to your insurance service.

Hansueli Edelmann
President of the board

Graduate in in mathematics and law
Former CEO of Credit Suisse Life, UBS, Swiss Life, Swiss Life Direct and Noventus PensionPartner AG

Oliver Ohl

Graduate in business administration
Manager and director at Marsh Insurance City and Lifeware

Dr. Elias Vicari

Graduate in mathematics and a doctorate in theoretical computer science
Higher level research and development at the ETH Zurich and Lifeware

Jörg Dreisow
CSO and Actuary

Graduate in mathematics and computer science, member of the German association of actuaries
Former manager or CEO by Aspecta, Deutscher Ring and Baloise (Germany and Eastern Europe)

Alberto De Lorenzi
Member of the board

Graduate in computer science
CEO at Remedios, Tinet and Tinext

Fabio Doninelli
Member of the board

Graduate in business management
Chairman at Prismafin and Norsat

Customer feedback

Squarelife aims at satisfying your expectations. Should you not be happy with our work, please tell us immediately. Criticisms and complaints will be treated very seriously.

Contact us any time by letter / fax or email: customercare@squarelife.li

To process your case, please provide the following information:
  • Policy number
  • Description of you case
  • Contact information like first and lastname, address and a phone number or email.

Your communication is immediately registered and tracked in our system, allowing us to check and document the state of your request. The communication is rapidly processed by a qualified technician. If, for any reason, there should be a delay in processing, you will be contacted by us.

Our goal is to be able to provide a clear explanation of the situation and, together, seek a solution.